Project Engineer




  1. Read/understand/analyze the IFC drawings.
  2. Read/understand/analyze the specifications and the BOQ.
  3. Understand in details the scope of work.
  4. Raise any RFI required for the execution of the work.
  5. Raise any variation notice to the site management.


  1. Coordinate with the site team (supervisor/foreman).
  2. Make sure the site team is understanding in details the tasks to be done.
  3. Check with the site team the accurate manpower allocation.
  4. Attend the site weekly meeting, and understand the project requirements.
  5. Meet the site management and understand the required action plan.
  6. Receive and follow the head office instructions.
  7. Make sure about the correct method of execution and the proper usage of materials.
  8. Avoid any type of material wastage and damage.
  9. Ensure the safety measures on site.
  10. Overseeing manpower productivity.
  11. Coordinate with the subcontractors; make sure all NOC/clearances are provided,
  12. make sure each subcontractor knows well his scope of work.
  13. Assure proper coordination with the consultant/concerned authorities.


    1. Read/understand/analyze the execution schedule provided by the head office.
    2. Prepare the Notice of Delay in case it exists for any reason.


    1. Prepare the site daily report (standard form by head office).
    2. Share the information in order to prepare the two weeks ahead schedule in order to be submitted to the head office. (Head office: Planner/Operation Manager/General Manager);    including any mitigation plan when required.

    Educational & Certifications Required

        • Bachelor's degree in Civil/Architecture Engineering
        • 5 to 7 years of relevant experience in Civil Industry
        • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
        • Proficiency in MS Office suite including the design software
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